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 Admin Application Info

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Admin Application Info  Empty
PostSubject: Admin Application Info    Admin Application Info  EmptyThu Oct 27, 2011 7:38 am

So are you here to request to be a admin if so from playing in my server you will come to relize my admin team is not going to be about spawning money and spawnging stuff no you will work for it just like all other players you will not abuse powers and if you do and you get caught that can and most likely will lead into a permanent ban so here you will relize its about helping the players not just only jailing them but to be a admin is alot of work it does take away from your time to roleplay at times but thats why you can take breaks after you know you did a good good job

Your In-Game Account Name (Previous/Current]:
Your real-life Age:
Country of Residence:
How long have you been on Grimz?:

Have you ever...

... been warned or banned on the Grimz Roleplay Server? If so, why?:

... hacked on another server? If so, do you still use hacks?:

... been an admin on any other server?:

... are you currently an Administrator on another server?:

... played on any other roleplay servers? If yes, which?:

Why do you want to become an Administrator?:

What do you think an administrator does here?:

What would you bring to the Grimz Administration team?:

How would you correct the problems in our server (if any) if made administrator?:

What are your goals as a Member and if made a Grimz Administrator?:

Rephrase seaven ingame rules in your own words, and provide examples. Also, tell what admin action are you going to take against them (Pick them yourself):

Do you understand, providing false information may lead to a ban?:

If accepted, do you promise to be active and accept that if your not active that you may not ever get admin again?:

Will you listen to the higher ups and always do your admin work, fairly and accurately according to the rules of Grimz Roleplay?:

Any contact information you can provide? [Email]:

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Admin Application Info
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